1. Consider the role of PR in your SEO strategy

To prove to Google that your website is important, you need to secure good quality inbound links from relevant domains and authority domains. This involves creating content that others will want to use, hence why the relationship between SEO and PR is now closer than ever.

  1. Really get to know your audience

Speakers underlined the importance of understanding your audience for successful content marketing. There is the need for thorough audience research and insight through focus groups, surveys and active ambassadors to help shape authentic, credible and relevant content that will resonate with the target audience.


  1. Create a Content Engine


There needs to be an effective digital content marketing strategy in place.  One can be developed using the Hero, Hub and Hygiene content structure methodology, identifying four key themes, each designed to meet a specific objective (Support, Educate, Engage, Convert).  A content engine can be developed to generate creative content ideas under the core themes.

  1. Keep on top of emerging content marketing trends


The rise of AI, Voice Search and Interactive Content and how these emerging trends will impact content marketing was discussed. As well as considering writing for traditional search, marketers now need to consider how their copy will play out through voice search and optimise accordingly. The most important question to ask yourself when adopting new trends and technology in your content marketing strategy is ‘will this solve a problem or add value to our customer’s experience?’



  1. Use block-based web designs for greater flexibility

As well as producing good content, there is the importance of block-based web designs.
Demonstrated were the channels that many brands use daily to share their content because of their flexibility and how easy they are to update. The issues with these channels however, is that they are owned by third-parties and brands aren’t in control of their own content.
So, what’s a key element of good content marketing? Having a flexible and simple-to-use website to create, share and own your content – a block-based web design is great for that.

  1. Use these three ingredients for engaging video


There are three must-have ingredients for compelling content: make it human, inspirational and credible.