As reported by Delish in March 2021, canned wine was expected to be big in the following summer – and it was!  As commented then by co-founder of Glass Half Full Drinks, Tom Surgey, ‘canned wines are booming because they offer convenience ….smaller serve sizes and they have a positive environmental benefit too; all really important factors as conscious consumers when making purchasing decisions in 2021 and beyond’. As reported in Packaging News in August 2021, a survey by Norstat  revealed more than half of Millenials and GenZers in Britain now choose wine served in cans; 52% of people aged 18 to 44 drink wine in cans or planned to do so over the following 12 months.

 In terms of sustainability, The Grocer reported in February this year that more and more producers are switching on to aluminium cans – ‘aluminium has several benefits, including being infinitely recyclable; it’s the most recycled packaging material in Europe (MPMA) and can be transported efficiently due to its light weight’.

All of the above is reflected in sales – NeilsenIQ reported in December 2021 that their data showed record value growth for canned craft beer and wine – canned alcoholic drinks now make up 17% of the alcohol market’s total annual value; the largest percentage growth for cans came from the wine industry , with a disproportionately high 187% increase in the value of canned wine compared to the wine category’s modest 19% value increase as a whole.



The Canned Wine Co. started in 2019 with the aim to make exciting wines more accessible, sustainable and convenient for all wine drinkers.  The company wanted to provide exceptional quality wine in the smaller format and, given the sustainability credentials of cans over glass bottles, this was the way to go.  Inspired by attending a festival where mediocre wine was being poured from heavy glass bottles into single use plastic cups it was evident there was a better way – quality cans – less wastage, more choice in smaller volumes – convenient and above all recyclable.  Since its 2019 launch the company has achieved great success, entirely reflecting the research predictions – Founder and CEO Simon Rollings comments ‘having achieved stocking with over a 100 UK wide businesses, including Harrods, It’s fantastic to see businesses actively seeking sustainable, high quality and exciting wines to list in their shops, restaurants and hospitality venues. Our customers love trying something unusual and the exceptional quality of our wines!’.

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March 2022