Research – UK Cheese market

As reported by AHDB Dairy on 12 September 2019, UK Cheese sales grew in volume by 2.1% with soft continentals performing particularly well at 7.7%.  This concurs with the last research report from EuroMonitor which emphasised snacking and simple ingredients as key trends with an added emphasis on vegan cheese gaining popularity; cheese is still seeing volume growth as consumers are more health conscious, adventurous in the kitchen and keen to indulge in natural snacks.  Processed cheese is set to see volume sales decline slightly as consumers seek products with simple ingredients and natural claims.  Flexitarian lifestyles and veganism are dominating trends in cheese with lactose-free cheese seeing the fastest growth.

The Dutch Cheeseman

We sampled the fare of the Dutch Cheeseman at the above fair.  Dutch Cheeseman specialises in selling Dutch cheese at European markets, including the UK, and its high grade production, combined with the professional service it provides, enables customers to experience the best in Gouda cheese as presented by a company with 20 years experience. In line with the research, the company continues to do well with sales increasing with their more tolerable goat cheese products (see below).


We particularly liked their goats cheese  varieties- completely delicious!

Highly recommended


Forest Creations (Norman Reay)

Although we mostly focus on Food and Drink developments we were so bowled over by the products of Forest Creations, handmade producers of clocks constructed from natural timbers, we just had to review them!  We agree with the comment of a recent purchaser who has commented on the work of Norman Reay (the designer and manufacturer behind Forest Creations) – ‘Norman pours his soul into his art – when I first saw this piece I could see the passion and love that transformed a gnarled root into this gorgeous clock  ….its even better than I imagined and everyone that sees it wants to get one’.  As you will see from the images, it is extraordinary what Norman can do with tree roots, and having seen his products at close range we feel they provide a superb and unusual gift opportunity.


ETSY: ForestCreationsGifts

Highly recommended