Waitey’s – Artisan producer of curry pastes and chilli jams.

According to research conducted by Sainsbury’s, reported in the Daily Express, Brits spend over £30,000 on Indian dishes in their lifetime!  Sales of exotic spices are also on the rise as more people than ever try to replicate their favourite dish at home.  Having a curry is not just a weekend splurge either as nearly half of the respondents said they would eat an Indian dish any night of the week.

Of particular note to this company, the research has also revealed that whilst many people would not have attempted to make a curry at home historically, it seems more Brits than ever are whipping up an Indian dish in their kitchens.  It is reported that we spend three hours over a stove to cook a delicious curry with 37% admitting they would do this.  Brits are increasingly opting to do this rather than ordering a takeaway.

As part of their Green Food Project, DEFRA sponsored a Curry Sub Group report – the subgroup research and report focussed on the curry supply chain from primary production through to consumption and waste stages, considering environmental, social and economic impacts.  One of the report’s recommendations was to promote resource efficiency and address waste reduction in the home.  It therefore follows that encouraging home-made curry’s will contribute to waste reduction and reduce the carbon footprint – a purchase of a ready meal or takeaway frequently involves the use of a vehicle, adding to the carbon footprint, and packaging disposal remains a problem.

It is no surprise therefore that Waitey’s are doing very well with their delicious Artisan curry pastes. We tried them and they contribute to an excellent home-made curry.