At the recent Farm Shop and Deli Show we discovered Spirits of Virtue, a company who have one simple aim – to bring unquestionable quality to the non-alcoholic drinks market with a complete range of super-premium handcrafted beverages.  As confirmed by Researchandmarkets.com, who recently confirmed that the UK’s non-alcoholic beverages market is anticipated to register growth with an impressive CAGR in the next forecast period, 2023-2027, this company is plugging into a strong and growing trend. We tried the Pearsons Botanicals alcohol free Rhubarb and Ginger and have to say it had a real kick without the addition of spirit. As it is also low calorie this is perfect for anyone wanting to replace their normal G & T with a healthier alternative.

Highly recommended




Another brilliant discovery at the Farm Shop and Deli Show.  Shepherds Purse was founded in the late 1980s by Judy Bell, following her passion and talent for cheese making and a mission to create quality dairy alternatives for cow’s milk allergy sufferers. Continuous awards have recognised the excellence of the company’s products – these include a Super Gold at the World Cheese awards and being named in the top 15 cheeses in the World. We met with Amy, Sales Account Manager who introduced us to their Old York ewe’s milk cheese – this soft and creamy cheese is an absolute delight – flavoursome and indulgent.

Highly recommended




A extraordinary phoenix has arisen from the ashes….another remarkable discovery at the Farm Shop and Deli Show.  Motivated by the disaster of their barn burning down, The Burning Barn family quickly re-adapted and its wonderful rums are the result. As well as being the springboard for the new company, the fire also inspired the flavours – they cold smoke their Smoked Rum with wood from the apple trees planted on the farm 30 years ago.  We tried the Spiced Rum – it delivers a big hit of toasted coconut, vanilla and molasses with a spike of chilli on the tongue and a long, warming ginger finish.   Absolutely delicious and reflective of the spices being whole and roasted by hand, achieving a wonderful flavour balance.

Highly recommended.




Another original idea found at the Farm Shop and Deli show – a brewing brand that fights food waste and is really sustainable – beer brewed from leftover and wonky loaves!  As nearly half of the bread made in the UK never gets eaten, which is a shocking waste, this company is a re-utilising marvel.  Each beer is brewed with a different type of loaf, that way the style of the beer reflects the character of the delicious bread that makes it.  We tried the Naan Laager, a classic light and refreshing ‘curry house’ lager brewed using wonky naan bread.  It is indeed pleasingly light and slightly aromatic – a perfect accompaniment to cut through a spicy curry.

Highly recommended




We just had to check out Still Sisters at the Farm Shop and Deli Show – one of only 3 distilling brands in the UK (as far as we know) run by siblings.  We were not disappointed in either the sampled gin or the great sales team.  Inspired by beverages created by their Father, Hannah and Tori have clearly continued a great tradition in producing their range of Gins.  They use locally sourced botanicals from the surrounding areas of their base in Frome – local watercress, roses from Chard, Lavender from Warminster and Somerset cider apples from Perry’s.  We tried the award winning London Dry Gin and found this to be absolutely great – crisp and refreshing with a lovely bouquet of botanicals.

Highly recommended