Reader/subs offers & PR campaigns

Reader/subs offers & PR campaigns

TV Feature for
Sixtowns Gin

ITV News clip of the SIXTOWNS by Bros Grand Opening launch at The World of Wedgwood Sunday 6th March 2023.

Result: 100% coverage atained

Feature for
Sixtowns Gin

Testimonial from Laura Howley, Strategic Partnerships Director, SIXTOWNS GIN


From beginning to end the Brand e Marketing team have been great to work with.  We’ve been extremely pleased with the quality of their work.  The team’s tenacity has got us press attention in a significant number of outlets and we are delighted with the reach of the campaign.  We look forward to seeing the results.’


Total reach: 617,054 readers/listeners, 26 hospitality trade and some consumer titles targeted, 19 offered cover, 73% of cover attained

Feature for
Canned Wine Co

Eat Drink Sleep, Restaurant Update, and Hotelier and Hospitality Magazines – full page colour features obtained at a fraction of normal costs reaching 261,000 hospitality trade owners, managers or buyers.

Feature for
Canned Wine Co

Gift Focus magazine – free media cost 3 page colour feature, reaching 6,900 giftware buyers.

Whistler’s Storm Ltd

PR Trade and Consumer campaign for Whistler’s Storm Ltd achieved a reach of 560,205 readers with over 60% coverage (including product review introductions). 

Whistler’s Storm release (PDF)

Reader Offer for
Harris & James Chocolates

Published in Yours Magazine.

PR campaign for Beech’s Fine Chocolates

PR image design to ensure premium
placement of articles

Beechs charitable campaign supporting the National Garden Scheme charities. Cover gained 54% key national trade titles.

PR campaign to launch 55 Above’s Orange Gin

Cover gained: 13 specialist Drinks Trade titles targeted, 8 provided prominent cover. Of these front page and or inclusion in Gin features pages were given.

Reader/subs offers


These joint reader offers achieved high levels of interest.  For example the joint Champagne Collection and Beech’s Fine Chocolates competition achieved in excess of 20,000 opens with a final result of 3,780 entrants for data capture/direct marketing purposes.