In its recent article, published on the 26th March 2020, ‘’DRIVE MAXIMUM VALUE FROM ONLINE LEARNING’, the CIM states online training has certainly been an ideal solution for marketing professionals keen to boost their learning during extended periods of self-isolation or while working at home and juggling personal and professional pressures’. 

We certainly endorse the above view and in fact would take it further, on the basis of our own experience as marketers advising our clients.  It is not just marketing professionals who can benefit in these circumstances where just about everyone, apart from key workers, are at home with significant time on their hands. As well as online training there are several other approaches which can be used to maintain engagement – we list these below:

  1. Use ‘educationals’

Where practical and appropriate businesses can adapt to offer online ‘educationals’; using web sites and social media channels to provide engaging content on products or services; snippets of useful information on how products can be used or adapted or giving details of how services have been modified to suit the current situation.  Educationals can also embrace online courses providing deeper knowledge of the products or the industry in question.

  1. The power of video

Use short personal videos (giving updates on the company – how it is dealing with the crisis, the availability of products/services etc), again uploading to social media channels and web sites – remember the old adage ‘people buy from people’ – company owners who can successfully communicate sensitively with customers and potential customers in difficult times, keeping them well informed, will build trust for the future when things improve.

  1. Use webinars and discussion forums via Zoom or Teams for interactive market research

Set up discussion groups with key clients to further explore their future needs – they are likely to be more co-operative whilst underemployed and more responsive in terms of a collaboration which aims to better satisfy their requirements when normality is restored.

  1. Offer online training modules via Skype

Skype has great potential in terms of delivering online, one to one training. Interactive demonstrations on how to install products, use products, show the benefits of products/services are all possible via this method and will provide a useful revenue stream also.

  1. Regularly communicate and vary the approaches

Regular communication using varied means should not only keep customers interested but also underline their importance and value to the company.

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