According to Statista, revenue in the UK Chocolate Confectionery segment is forecast to be in the region of £4.848,672.00 in 2019 with the market growing annually by 1.5%. The average per capita consumption should stand at 7.0kg in 2019. This is good news for UK confectionery producers and distributors.


As far as consumer behaviour is concerned, Innova’s top 10 trends, as reported in ‘Food’ , includes a reference to the increasingly adventurous consumer, a connected ‘activist’ who is not only more aware of health and environmental concerns but who also seeks to explore new and better experiences – contributing to a 35% growth in discovery claims when comparing previous year’s product launch statistics.  Established brands will continue to do well, particularly through diversification, and new brands who are truly ‘different’ will similarly expect good returns.


Ferrero Foodservice/Thorntons  (Luxury chocolate flakes).


Fitting in well with the discovery/expectations of the increasingly ‘activist’ consumer, Ferrero Foodservice’s luxury chocolate flakes now offer the hospitality sector the opportunity to offer customers the experience of real chocolate quality when ordering a hot chocolate.  The company’s own research reveals that hot chocolate is the 2nd most popular drink to order out of home after coffee and 81% of people would be more likely to order a hot chocolate made from real chocolate flakes versus cocoa powder.


We tried the product and found it truly excellent.



The Wickedly Welsh Chocolate Company


This company’s products are stunningly different and certainly present consumers with a new and delightful experience.  These artisan producers make high quality, contemporary and slightly eccentric hand crafted chocolates using unusual but complementary flavour combinations.  They even create chocolate cheeseboards, terrines and Welsh spoons – a real surprise for us!


We tried the chocolate terrine and also sampled the Great Taste  award orange marmalade bar – both sensational!




As noted in our previous blog – Mintel’s ‘Coffee August 2017’ report (the latest available) -, consumers are becoming ever more discerning and demanding of poor quality hot (and cold) drinks.  A quarter of the coffee drinkers sampled considered themselves a ‘coffee connoisseur’!. This factor could be said to be fuelling the growth in Artisan coffee producers, with Artisan coffee shops popping up everywhere.


Fresh Pac Teas and Coffees Ltd./Arkadia


Clearly at the top of the tree, having been established since 1979, Fresh Pac really deliver on the quality of their roasted coffees, which we tried.  However we were bowled over by the Arkadia range, specifically the Golden Latte which features a turmeric blend – good for you and delicious.  As noted above, consumers are increasingly health conscious and, like us, many are already aware of the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of turmeric.  This product is also intriguingly different and along with the Arkadia Matcha Latte (made from high grade Japanese green tea) the hospitality sector could spark the interest of the increasingly health conscious ‘exploratory’ consumer by offering these as part of their portfolio of beverages.

Quality coffees and outstanding latte beverages!





Fine Foods International (Manufacturing) Ltd/Black Rabbit


Made from freshly roasted coffee beans, FFI demonstrated their new tetra packs of Black Rabbit 0.5 litre cold brew concentrate.  So what is cold brew coffee? Well, simply put, it’s coffee that has been brewed in cold water for 12-24 hours, creating a smooth black coffee beverage, that is full of flavour and has a soft aroma without any bitter taste.   It can also be infused with nitrogen, which gives it its creamy head, like a stout – even the black version. The cold brew coffee is infused with nitrogen (using the N2 infusion canister also being supplied) or can be sold on draught in hospitality outlets. As well as a thicker, creamier texture, the drink also has a cascading effect when poured, which is all down to the fact that nitrogen doesn’t dissolve well in water.


We tried the coffee and were really impressed with the flavour and texture.




The Fun Food Family Company


As reported in the Independent, November 2018, in its review of likely 2019 food trends, snacks in general will receive an upgrade to fancier versions and childhood snacks of the past will also return as Whole Foods predicts variations such as portable snack packages.  Well placed to take advantage of this is the Fun Food Family Company with its collection of 7 brands which includes the flagship Peppa Pig range; this includes ready to eat jelly along with Peppa shaped carrots, potato faces and oven baked pizza.


We liked the colourful and fun approach being used by this Company to encourage children to eat more vegetables with snack sized portions – the potato faces were particularly good.


RaviOllie Ltd.


Winners of the NCASS award for the best snack (light meal) at WOMAD 2017 (judged by Michelin starred chef Nathan Eades), this chef inspired, fresh homemade ravioli is in a class of its own – it is just the sort of ‘provenance proven’ upgraded light meal, brilliantly branded, which should see wide appeal in 2019.  With the arrival of its new 100% recyclable packaging in March the brand will also lead the market in eco awareness.


Great to see such enthusiasm, authentically wrapped round a great new product concept. We loved it!