Always interested in new and unique entrants to the gin market, we met with the guys from Merchant + Lab and tried 3 of their products – the LdG (London dry gin), the HbG (Herbaceous gin) and the TMM (Mint Mojito) cocktail.  The London Dry is a juniper focused citrus heavy gin, using grapefruit, orange, lemon, thyme, meadowsweet and blackcurrent leaf botanicals; the Herbaceous gin is a really flavoursome combination of citra hops, dill, sage, apple and grapefruit over a juniper base.  We loved the freshness of the gins and the Mint Mojito is an unusual sensation!  Clearly the micro distilling process, which uses a rotary evaporator, enabling distillation at very low temperatures under a vacuum, produces rare and wonderful spirits and cocktails.