We met Sophia Winslade of new company, POD Chocolate Experiences, and were really impressed with the range of chocolates and the superb taste achieved – not surprising given Sophia’s previous background as a chocolatier working for Hotel Chocolat, to name but one!  We tried the Sea Salt Caramel Bon Bons and other caramel sea salt chocolates – extremely ‘moreish’ and quite understandable that these are best sellers.  We are sure Pod Chocolate Experiences will continue to expand and wish Sophia all the best for continuing success in 2022.


HIGHLY RECOMMENDED                                  www.podchocolateexperiences.uk







We met with Max, an enthusiastic and knowledgeable presenter of the benefits of the multi award winning SugaVida products. Whereas the benefits of turmeric are becoming more widely known  (positive effects on skin, immunity, liver, joint and bone health, heart and circulation), Max explained that purchasing turmeric in tablet or capsule form does not necessarily deliver the quality and strength for the best results.  SugaVida’s Turmeric Superblends are expertly blended fusions of organic triple strength turmeric, black pepper, Palmyra Blossom Nectar and complementary spices – the strongest whole root blend available.  We tried the Cardamom and Ginger with milk – delicious as well as health giving!


HIGHLY RECOMMENDED                                                          www.sugavida.com







We met with the team from Imagination and were really interested in their Eberle range of liqueur drinks – as they claim they break new ground in terms of presentation and quality.  Sourced exclusively from the Mosel Valley in Germany, we can confirm these drinks are blended with care and expertise and presented in bottles that will grace any table.  We tried the Whisky Liqueur infused with Honey and in our opinion it would convert non Whisky drinkers instantly – sensational!


HIGHLY RECOMMENDED                                               www.imaginationchocolates.com





We have seen these exhibitors before and they never disappoint.  For the non-initiated all their drinks are produced in Mason Jars, following the tradition of the era of American prohibition when these were used to avoid suspicion from the authorities.  We tried the Sticky Toffee Moonshine – a luscious toffee moonshine liqueur infused with smooth caramel and complimented by the intensity of the robust spirit – absolutely as it says on the jar!

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED                                               www.odonnellmoonshine.co.uk